10th June 1998: “She kissed the boy she liked, I was chatting to the boy I liked. We squealed and hugged.”

A diary entry from when I was 14, on the German Exchange. I went to a PARTY and was simultaneously excited by the presence of alcohol and drugs, but weirdly judgemental when my friends got drunk. 

VERY cool day. We went to Phantasia land which is like Alton Towers. It was pretty cool.

I didn’t feel homesick today.

When we came home, my hayfever was MENTAL and I was tired, so I hope Annika’s family didn’t think I was rude by not talking much.

I had a shower and felt better. I was reading when the brother’s friend came in. Annika went somewhere and we were really uncomfortable for a moment (actually, for ages). Then I plucked up courage to talk to him but we didn’t get very far because I didn’t understand his German and he didn’t understand my English.

Then Annika and I went to a party. It was a party I could only dream of in England! Lots of drink, drugs, loud music, ace!

[By ‘drugs’ I think literally one person was smoking a joint.]

At first, there was crap music and no English friends and no fit boys. (Tom was with me, and was really nervous because he was going to try and pull Jasmine’s German.)

Then the other English people arrived and it got going. Dancing was very slow at first because all my friends were scared of making fools of themselves and no one else was dancing.

I saw a guy I’d seen at Annika’s school and I thought he was fit.

Things picked up when everyone started dancing. But everyone started drinking.

Louise got PISSED (only capitals will suffice) and I was really annoyed with her.

Jasmine fancied a boy and talked to him, and he said everyone under 16 was meant to go. I sort of went but on the way (there were stairs to go down onto the dance-floor) I spotted the fit boy from school and he was looking down from the stairs, onto the dancefloor. I went and stood beside him.

Then he looked at me and I said hello. He said something, I think in German (VERY loud music) and I deciphered ‘England’ from it, so I said yes.

I asked him his name in German – Simon. I asked him if he spoke English and he laughed and said yes.

So we chatted (shouted is more close to the truth). He was doing the music after eleven (it was about 10.40pm). He really likes music. He’s 17.

Then Louise came over and acted drunkenly. Jasmine told me she’d kissed the boy she liked; I told her I was chatting to the boy I liked.

She and I squealed and hugged, and she went off, with Louise.

Then I asked Simon if he wanted a drink. He said no, and I said I did. He said he could get free drinks because he did the music. I asked him if he could get me a free drink. He said it was impossible but then he got me one. He might’ve said it’s ‘possible’ actually.

He chatted to his mate for ages and I asked him if he wanted me to go so that he could chat to his mate. He said no.

Then he said he had to go and do the music. We went to the music bit (DJ booth) and chatted a little bit, but the music was VERY loud.

I asked him to play Song 2 by Blur.

Then I realised I had to go because Annika’s mum was picking us up.

I said “I have to go soon.” Then we were both quiet for a few moments.

Then I said “I have to go now.” We hugged, then kissed (yeah!). Then hugged again, then kissed again. Then hugged again then I went.

How cool is that?

A bit before I went, he said “so you have to go at eleven?”.

I nodded.

He said “that’s tragic.”

We went outside and soon Annika’s mum appeared. She asked if Louise was alright.

I noticed her in the corner, with people huddled around her. She was crying.

I was so angry with her, I said “she deserves everything she gets. She’s drunk.”

[God knows why I was being such a prick about this.]

Maybe a little harsh, but she deserved it.

So I pulled! Yes.

Simon had long dark blonde hair. He was like Ben, even kissed similarly. But he had a LOVELY smile too.

I’ll never see him again, but hey! It was fun.

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