4th June 2000: “Hello – I’m 16! But I don’t know everything about sex.”

Background: a diary entry from when I was 16, doing my GCSE exams. I had just got together with a boy. Before that we were really close friends, and had known each other since Primary School. (I’ve mentioned him before on this blog and called him the ‘alcoholic twin’ because he had a twin brother I was also good friends with, and he had problems with alcohol.)

I start my exams properly tomorrow. I mean, I’ve started them already but I’ve only had a few so far, and this week I have SIX in FOUR days. Music and English tomorrow.

I guess The Alcoholic Twin and I are in the testing-the-water-toe-in-shallow-end phase of this relationship. I’m calm about it now but earlier just the fact he hasn’t phoned or anything scared the hell out of me. I mean before, if I wanted to speak to him badly I’d just phone him but now it’s all Rules-game-relationship-game-can’t-ring-him-he-has-to-ring-me. Terrified I’ve lost him already.

Yesterday I overheard my Dad saying “do we assume Dater Analysis knows about contraception?” and Mum ‘umm’ed and ‘ahh’ed and then said “I’m sure she does.”

It’s like Hello – I’m 16!

But on the other hand I don’t know as much as I think. I mean I don’t know everything about sex.

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