The Poppy Seed that did hold on

Almost a year to the day since my first miscarriage, I’ve just had a baby!

Also, Andrew and I had a tiny COVID-compliant wedding, at the end of 2020.

I’ve decided to start writing regularly again. I’m planning to write and to catch you up on what has happened between now and my last posts, and some about what day to day life is like.

There’s no shortage of Mum Bloggers, but I still think there are a lot of things about having a baby that don’t get talked or written about much. I haven’t, historically, been great with babies, or particularly interested in parenting lifestyle things, but I always found it interesting talking to my friends about their babies and experiences – things like what the human body is capable of and child development.

I guess my angle will be to try and be interesting people who are not the target audience of Mum Bloggers, and also just to capture this mad time for myself.

13 thoughts on “The Poppy Seed that did hold on

  1. Hey dater -I remember that you have visited us in the South Pacific and I would like to send your daughter an iconic NZ toy.
    You probably didnt see them here,but there is a well known photo of the eventual heir to the throne with one,togather with Charlie 3 and late mum – its called a buzzy bee and is a wooden pull along toy that clicks.
    Please let me know an address to send it to.
    Im not quite sure of the privacy provisions here but my email is

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  2. Hi Dater,
    I am still thinking about possibilities -I have several friends and clients in Londonium -perhaps I could post it to them, and either you or Andrew could just collect it (wearing a hoodie and sunglasses!!)


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