19th August 2003: “I’ve just been looking through my stuff for university, and it’s very scary!”

This is an excerpt from my diary, when I was 19. It was coming towards the end of my year out, and I had been working in a nursing home for elderly people all year.

I had just passed my driving test.

It’s about 11:45pm and I’m lying on my bed, listening to Royksopp.

I’ve just been looking through my stuff for university, and it’s very scary!

I had a nasty dream about it last night too. The stuff about penalties you have to pay if your payment for accommodation or tuition fees is late, and the stuff about failing exams and when to resit them scared me the most. I don’t want to go! It’s too scary.

Anyway, Friday morning I watched telly and stuff, and phoned Faith. She was cool about the idea of going clubbing in Cheltenham.

Work was OK. I did a late shift. The usual kitchen staff were back so it was a lot easier than Tuesday, or whenever it was.

After work, I drove home. I spent ages arsing about in the road outside the house, because I was trying to reverse into the drive, then I was trying to park on the pavement, (because reversing into the drive didn’t go according to plan), then I did a 3-point-turn that had at least 5 points, and I ended up exactly where I started!

I ran into the house and had beans on toast and got ready to go out, then I went to pick Faith up. That all went OK.

I picked up her up and we went off to the Cheltenham. It was alright but we nearly crashed at a roundabout (which Faith was really good-natured about) and then part of the route is very bendy and nasty in the dark.

When we got to Cheltenham, Faith realised she’d forgotten her ID and we got turned away from a few places. We went to the Toad at the Old Bank and then to Subtone.

It was good. I only drank Red Bull and water because I was driving, and Faith drank Stella. In Subtone, we danced next to this group of blokes the whole time. They tried to talk to us a bit but it was too loud really. I eventually heard a bloke telling me he was from Didsbury and I chatted to him about Stockport and Sale. I can’t remember how many of these blokes there were, because they all had similar shirts and hair, it was hard to tell them apart.

The Didsbury one tried to kiss me when we left, but I told him I had a boyfriend and scurried off.

On the walk back to the car, I realised how drunk Faith was, but as long as she could direct me out of Cheltenham I didn’t mind (and she could).

It amused me, walking back to the car, that I was stone cold sober and she was quite drunk but still she knew exactly where the car park was, and if I’d been on my own, I’d have been wondering around Cheltenham for days!

She kept saying the same thing about this guy in Subtone, which was a bit funny. The real clue about her drunkenness, though, was that after we’d got out of Cheltenham, I had to pull over quite a few times, so she could be sick!

She was embarrassed she’d got so sick but she always drives these days when she goes out, so of course she’s not as much of a heavyweight.

I convinced her to stay at mine, so I wouldn’t have to drive back from her house on my own, because it’s impossible to get out of her drive and I didn’t want to try it at 3am.

When she was being sick in the downstairs toilet, I went back out to clean the sick out the outside of the car, but it was too dark to see properly.

On Saturday morning, I drove Faith home. When we got to her house, she realised there was still sick on the car so she ran in to get a cloth and some water.  (Then, even after we had both cleaned the car, Mum and Dad still found more sick on it later on!)

I waitressed at Number 87 at 12:30, before my late shift. The idea was that they’d have the main courses out by just before 2pm, so the owners would have time to give me a lift to work, but the people were very late so we just about had time to do the starters before I had to go.

Work was OK.

I think I spent the evening just watching telly.

Sunday I worked 8-2. Rob and I did the pub quiz in the evening.

Mum did her photo shoot of Rob’s family that afternoon. I was very sleepy after work.

I worked 8-2 yesterday as well (although I only realised I was working at about midnight the night before!) Spent the afternoon with Rob but I needed to sleep after work again, after the busy weekend.

Had a day off today. Did very little.

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