30th June 2000: “On a less erotic note, all my new fish have died.”

This is an extract from my diary when I was 16, on my last day of school and the Year 11 School Leavers’ disco (which nowadays would probably be called our ‘prom’). 

I didn’t end up going because my boyfriend, known here as ‘the Alcoholic Twin’ was not allowed to go as he was too naughty. 

“I’m going to Cumbria tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s TOMORROW.

Yesterday was cool, in its own little way. It was our Leaving day from School. In the morning we had to go to school and make sure we’d handed in all our textbooks and everything. We had an assembly where we got our Records of Achievement, and we signed each other’s shirts too.

After school I went and got my legs waxed (how brave am I!). It didn’t hurt as much as I expected but it certainly wasn’t pain-free. My legs are completely in shock now so the skin looks a bit nasty for now.

In the evening was the disco or whatever you want to call it. I didn’t spend that long getting ready (for me).

The Alcoholic Twin wore normal trousers and a white shirt (exciting) but eventually we all (including his mum who I totally love) convinced him to wear a tie and like not wear trainers.

He looked a bit out of character but kind of sexy.

In the end, he wasn’t allowed to the disco because of what he had written on his shirt on the day before study leave.

We were all VERY pissed off because it was so unfair (even the non-Alcoholic Twin) especially as they let people in who’d set PE equipment on fire. (The two twins had a really complicated relationship.)

I went home with him to show solidarity.

I was sad not to get to say goodbye to everyone properly but I said goodbye to Jasmine and Peter and Laura and they were the main people I’ll miss.

By the time we got back to the Alcoholic Twin’s house, he was really upset about it. I phoned Mum and she and the Alcoholic Twin’s Mum went and had a go at them at the school. Girl Power!

The Alcoholic Twin and I had a nice time. He wouldn’t kiss me in the car park at school but he certainly made up for it at home.

I was quite drunk soon after we got home. We ended up having the Faith conversation again. (He dated my friend, Faith, before me.)

Everyone came home after 10pm I think. We had a good time. The Alcoholic Twin and I were being gross and totally eating each other and we kept getting banished out of the room.

He walked me home without any trousers on. I think they got ripped or something but it was nothing to do with me.

On a bit of a less erotic note, all my new fish have died.”

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